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about suburb solar

Suburb Solar Inc. is a manufacturer of solar electricity products. Our offices and manufacturing activities are centrally located in Cooks, Michigan, in the heart of the Upper Peninsula.

We take pride in being a U.S. based manufacturing company and derive an even greater sense of pride from being Yoopers. A Yooper is a person who has survived at least 7 winters in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. We hope to help maintain the beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and all of the other wilds of the world by providing solar solutions for all of your energy needs.

The mantra of Suburb Solar Inc. is “Making Solar Easy!” We focus on the development and manufacturing of easy to use solar products. Suburb Solar practices what we preach as our entire manufacturing facility is off grid and all of the electricity we use is created by solar power.

Suburb Solar was started with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for renewable energy. Our employees take pride in our products and maintain a constant focus on innovation and creativity. They enjoy creating and building new, innovative solar energy products for our customers.

The EasySun product line is Suburb Solar’s most popular product line. It consists of portable solar generators and solar battery chargers. The EasySun portable solar generator line is a silent alternative to gasoline generators. Designed to be portable, silent and easy to use, solar generators require no fuel other than sunlight. Containing battery backup for nighttime use, a solar generator uses solar power to recharge via free sunlight.

Quality, durability, and expandability are all key qualities that we at Suburb Solar consider vital to the success of our products. We stand behind everything we build and offer a 1-Year manufacturers warrantee on all of our products.

Suburb Solar Inc. actively manages their intellectual property. We consider infringement on our intellectual property very serious. As an innovative company, Suburb Solar is on the leading edge of solar product development for the consumer market.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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