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45 watt Solar Battery Charger

Patent Pending in US and International

The 45watt Solar Battery Charger is an all inclusive product. Built on a lightweight, all aluminum, frame with an automatic charge controller mounted and prewired on the back. Just hook the black clamp to the negative post on the battery and the red clamp on the positive post on the battery…. The sun does the rest. It will fully charge a battery, then automatically keep it 100% charged without over charging it. It is durable, and can be set on the ground, thrown in the back of a truck, mounted to a roof, whatever you need. Small in size, only 21″ by 26″, makes it easy to handle. Waterproof and weatherproof – just put it outside and charge a battery.

  • 45 watt Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
  • A Fully-Sealed Charge Controller
  • 1 Adapter for use with an EasySun Solar Generator
  • Angled aluminum Mounting Bracket
  • 2 Battery Clamps – Red and Black
  • 10 feet of 14AWG Sunlight Resistant Wire
  • Made in the USA
  • Completely Weatherproof

Made in the USA with high quality parts. Designed to last for over 30 years with no maintenance. You can expect this solar battery charger to charge a battery at a rate of about 3 amps per hour on a sunny day. Charges even when cloudy, just a little slower. This solar battery charger is fast and easy way to charge a battery with solar electricity. A simple design that is easy to use, requires no assembly, and has no running costs. This charger has a maximum power rating of 45 watts.

Solar Panel:
45 watt Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
Generates 3 Amps per hour in full sunlight.
Completely weatherproof – UV/Shock/Hail resistant
16 lbs
21″ wide x 7″ deep x 26″ high
Connects in seconds using enclosed battery alligator clips. Aerodynamic design. Tilted Mount, to sit at the perfect angle

Made in the USA! This is a high quality product designed to create free electricity from the sun. One year warranty provided directly from the manufacturer.

Typical applications include Camps, Cabins, Garages, RVs, Campers, Boats, Chicken Coops, Electric Golf Carts, etc.. The components are UL or CE listed, and feature a sealed waterproof design. The built-in Charge Controller provides ideal battery charging while protecting batteries from overcharging and provides a waterproof, flush mounted controller in a sealed package.